Follow the below instructions to install your photo application to download or purchase new photos using your USB or CD. 

Are you already installed and experiencing issues? Downloading the latest version of the application should solve your issues, see instructions here.

Windows PC's - See below or view the how to install for windows video here

  • Insert disc into CD-ROM drive or USB into the USB port
  • Application should run automatically brining up the AutoPlay window
  • Follow the onscreen instructions
  • If it does not run, click on Our Cruise Photos Digital file in the DISC window as shown below

Mac Computers - See below or view the how to install for mac video here

  • Insert disc into CD-ROM drive or USB into the USB port
  • Navigate to the mounted drive in "Finder" shown below
  • Click and drag the Our Cruise Photos into your applications folder
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and open up the program once installed.

Having issues opening the program on a Mac once installed? 

Apple sometimes initially blocks software it doesn't know, to open the application: Open your applications folder, scroll to the app icon, right click and click "open". 

Top frequently asked questions by guests

I have the application installed but I cannot unlock my photos, what do I do?

I received an "import interruption" message what do I do?

Can I install the app if I am not the administrator of the computer? 

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