I haven't received my photobook

Delivery time

Once your cruise has ended PhotoBooks are sent shoreside to our printers for production and shipping, depending on your location delivery will be within 4-6 weeks after the cruise. It can be quicker for North American addresses. 

If you are yet to receive your book and it is 6 weeks since you sailed please contact us by raising a ticket (see top right of the page).

General information about PhotoBooks

The PhotoBook is 20 pages and contains up to 34 guest photos plus photos of your ship, decks and ports of call. Photos must include at least one guest from the purchasing stateroom in order to be included in the book. The photos you choose are printed directly into the PhotoBook. The PhotoBook is horizontally orientated and measures 11” x 8.5” with generally 2 photos per page.

The price for the PhotoBook includes the book and your photos printed directly into your book. (There is a separate charge if you would like to take home a a digital photo package). 

PhotoBooks are available on most ships.

Events to attend

The PhotoBook is event specific, meaning each page of the book maps back to photo events available onboard. You will receive an event list delivered to your stateroom when you arrive onboard. We are not able to post an event list online as events vary by itinerary and may change due to weather. We also recommend that you visit the Photo Gallery early on during your cruise and speak with a member of the staff. They will share tips on building your PhotoBook and answer any questions about the event list. If you miss an event, that's ok! Any spaces will be filled with photos of your ship and ports of call.

Damaged or incorrect PhotoBooks

Please ensure that your PhotoBook is correct before disembarking from your cruise.  Once the cruise has ended, we are unable to correct any errors with the book.  For assistance with PhotoBook error, please log a new help ticket.

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