Printed photos

Photo Prints

Prints ordered via the onboard kiosks must be picked up no earlier than the time advised on screen at the time of purchase. In the event that prints cannot be picked up by the end of the cruise the photos may be delivered in digital form with an online download link sent via email. To request this you must contact us at Due to international customs regulations physical prints will not be sent post cruise if there is a failure to pick up the goods onboard. If contact is not made via within 28 days of debarkation any qualification for a full or partial refund is void and photos from onboard the ship cannot be recovered. 

All prints picked up onboard must be inspected and proofed while onboard by the purchaser; any concerns must be addressed while onboard with photo staff. No post cruise refunds are available for printed items picked up onboard due to quality concerns.

Joining staterooms/Kiosk accounts

Joining staterooms/cabins photos into 1 account is only available once a package is purchased and provided you have children (immediate family only)  under 21 in the stateroom you wish to join to your account. Anyone else over 21 in the adjoining stateroom will not be on the USB, CD or Photo Cloud account.

What is not included in print packages:

- Photos of others in your party not staying in your stateroom unless it is your children under 21, where you have specifically requested that cabins be joined and where this has been provided to you.

- Group photos, weddings, Quinces, private portraiture and other special occasion photography services.

- Generic stock shot photos of the ship, characters, ports of call or any photos that don’t contain a member within your stateroom or immediate family (children under 21).

- Some activity photos including iFly, water slides and dry slides, where separate photo or video options exist.

Borders and templates

All digital and print photos are supplied in the same format as seen onboard in print or digital form. If a photo has a border on the kiosk then that same photo on your USB, CD, Photo Cloud account or in print format will also have a border. There is currently no option available to remove or change borders, templates or overlays.

Specialty Shoots and Private Portraiture Services

Any digital or print products from specialty shoots will not be part of the USB, CD, Photo Cloud account or Print packages offered in the photo gallery. These items are subject to a separate purchase, details are available from the photo gallery.

Quality & delivery complaints relating to photo products purchased onboard must be made within 28 days of receiving the product (whether that product be made onboard or delivered shore side). Attempts will be made to rectify any issue with a product however original images are only kept for 28 days after the end of the cruise. Proof of the poor quality may be asked for in the form of photos and / or returned products to Image for inspection. 

Contact must be made at for a post cruise delivered product if it has not been received within the timeframe provided onboard. Additionally contact must be made no later than 3 months from the disembarkation date of the cruise in order for any refund to be considered for any lost or undelivered product.

Contact with Our Cruise Photos Support department via phone, email or raising a ticket at must be made within the time mentioned above in order for any case to be considered.

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