Something has happened during your import process that that caused your photo import to pause, this could be one of the following issues that we have identified as common problems.

1. Your internet connection has dropped out
Please ensure you internet connection is stable for the full import process, you may find that while connecting to using WIFI the signal may drop out or is weak this can effect the speed and stability of downloading your photos.

Once you are sure that your connection is stable navigate to the home screen of the application and press "Control+L" together, a message will come up asking to "clear data" hit "ok" and let your disc re-import the photos.

2. Your firewall settings are blocking the connection.
If you believe this to be the case you will need to look into your settings further, please ensure your firewall settings match those laid out in these instructions

3. Your antivirus software has blocked the communication.
If you have a 3rd party antivirus software you may be running secondary firewall protection. You will need to ensure you create an exception within this software to allow communication to and from the Our Cruise Photos application. These options should be found within the "setup" area of your antivirus software.