For back-to-back cruisers (guests that sail on the same ship for two consecutive itineraries) we offer a discount on Digital Photo unlimited discs: Purchase unlimited Digital Photos for the first cruise, and the second unlimited disc is 50% off the onboard price. 

For pre-cruise purchases on, you may purchase the first cruise disc online and the second cruise disc can be purchased on board for 50% off the onboard price.

The following terms apply: 
- The passenger manifest will be reviewed for all purchases. When purchasing your second disc, please provide a receipt from the first cruise. The same person must purchase both packages in order to qualify for the discount.
- By General Rules and Exclusions, Group photos booked by special appointment and other special events (20+ people, cocktail parties, award ceremonies, etc.) are not included in the digital photo disc. 

- Weddings/Quinces services are considered a separate entity and will not be included as part of the digital photo disc.
- Stock shots (i.e. photos of the ship, ship interiors and ports of call) are not included in the digital photo disc.
- Premium portrait photography is not included in the digital photo disc.

*This offer is only available on ships that offer unlimited digital photo packages.