Our Professional Photographers are available to capture your special cruise vacation memories! 


Photographers are available for:

  • Private functions and parties
  • Conference Meetings
  • Group Photo Sessions
  • Family Portraits


Hourly Fees:

There is a fee of $150 for up to 60 minutes of photography and $150 for each additional hour to be applied for the usage of a professional photographer outside of the regular operations of the photography department. This fee may be waived based on qualifying pre-purchases.


Special Event Photos on CD:

Hire one of our Photographers to shoot your special event and take the digital photos on disc to share with your group.

Group photos are available for purchase digitally and are priced according to the number of guests in the group shot.

All Inclusive Candid Photos CD

We recommend the all-inclusive Candid Photos CD which includes one hour of Photography during your awards ceremony cocktail party or similar event for $600. (See below for terms and conditions)

Candid Digital Photos (Group size less than 20)

Qty of digital photos 

1-9                $19.95

10-49             $15.95

50-249           $11.95

250+               $9.95


Group Digital Photos 

Group Size     Price per person per digital photo

20-49             $7.95

50-249           $5.95

250+              $4.95


Terms and Conditions

***These are discounted rates and cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounted programs that are currently offered or in use at the time of purchase.

***Portraits and any other photos taken during any regular non-group events other than those mentioned above are not included on the digital photo disc.

*** Excludes wedding, vow renewal, Quince and posed group photos. Other restrictions apply.

*** Hourly Photographer rate applies except for All-inclusive candid photos CD


Printed Photo Pricing for pre-purchases: Your group or charter has the option of pre-purchasing photographs and folios for distribution at a discounted price.


8 x 10 Photograph and Folder

# of photos   price

1-9               $19.95 

10-49           $15.95 

50-249         $11.95 

250+            $9.95 


6 x 8 Photograph and Folder 

# photos     price

1-9             $12.95 

10-49          $9.95 

50-249        $7.95 

250+           $6.95 

Other sizes- may be available upon request.


Portfolio Packages - Pre-purchase

Includes leatherette window portfolio

- (1) ship photograph insert 

- Portrait or group photo of choice 

- Custom inserts available upon request.

8x10 Portfolio Package 

# of photos     price

1-9                $39.90 

10-49            $33.90

50-249          $27.90

250+             $23.90 

5x7 Portfolio Package 

# photos     price

1-9             $39.90 

10-49          $33.90

50-249        $27.90

250+           $23.90 



Voyage in Review DVD Bulk Rates:

Your group or charter has the option of pre-purchasing Cruise in Review DVD's or distribution at a discounted price.

 # DVD's   price per DVD

1-9           $19.95 (33%)

10-49        $16.95 (43%)

50-99        $14.95 (50%)

100+        $12.95 (57%)

Regular price: $29.95 each



Customized Event Templates:

Your group or charter has the option of customized artwork on 6x8 and 8x10 photo templates.  Available upon request with 6-8 weeks prior notification.  Charges may apply.



Photo Vouchers:

Welcome your guests with vouchers for photographs of their cruise vacation.  Vouchers are available for 6x8 and 8x10 size photographs and may be redeemed in the Photo Gallery.  Vouchers can be created exclusively for any group or charter using your specific company logos and artwork.

**Please be advised that prices and package items are subject to change without prior notice