All photos taken on board, including weddings, group shots and special occasions are captured as JPEG which is the format that fits into our work flow and process.

This was a company decision made long ago for the following reasons:


·  JPEG files are higher in contrast and sharpness

·  JPEG files are immediately suitable for printing

·  JPEG files are processed by the camera with built in firmware, and can still be manipulated manually if desired


By contrast, RAW files are basically the raw analog data from the camera that need to be converted into digital format through a converter such as the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in. This can take a lot of time and skill to obtain the same results that we can get instantly with JPEG files.


·  RAW files are not true images and will require special software to view

·  RAW files require special software to view.

·  RAW file are not suitable for printing without post processing.